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Any problem with fuel and oil waste ? Perhaps you have industrial liquids you need to dispose of. Maybe you have other materials that need recycling. Whatever the case OFM will arrange every process involved in your industrial liquid waste management. Whether you need us to perform just a single service or are looking for a complete solution from A to Z, you can rely on us for:

Storage solutions


Tank cleaning



Other solutions

All this is possible because OFM bring more than 20 years of waste management experience together under one roof. We have strong networking relationships with different authorities and an excellent understanding of the various stipulations and requirements that are enforced on waste transport, handling, management and processing. Our insight and familiarity ensure you won't be lost in the tangled world of waste legislation. Instead, you can rest assured that your waste is being handled following the letter of the law.

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Genuastraat 5




Wesley Bels:

M 0032 491 37 07 34

T 0032 3 232 83 54



Kris Verboven:

M 0032 496 40 15 82

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